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Community Art Day - Help Us Create A Lasting Impression!

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This Saturday, June 1st, The Philadelphia Water Department, in partnership with Mural Arts, will host a community art making day in Queen Village at Christian and 3rd Streets. Stacy Levy, renowned environmental artist and sculptor  plans to coordinate the creation of a project highlighting the ways in which water travels under our streets and into the rivers and streams. Community members are encouraged to attend and to help create this one-of-a-kind piece of art work.The plan is to heat and adhere thermoplastic dots of various sizes to the asphalt on the road to create a unique, “water-esque” pattern. The display is expected to last up two years and will be a continuing reminder of the importance of water in Philadelphia. No pre-registration is required. Food, music and other activities will be available for all ages! For more information contact Shari at or 267-972-3934.