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Help PWD Green Your Neighborhood: Submit a Project Idea for Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Your Community

Do you want to improve your neighborhood and protect our creeks and rivers? Does your community have a school, recreation center, park, or other public space available within the City limits for a green stormwater management project? The Philadelphia Water Department wants your ideas on where to implement stormwater bumpouts, tree trenches, rain gardens and other green infrastructure. PWD seeks to partner with communities across Philadelphia as part of our Green City, Clean Waters program. Submit your project idea through our new Community Input for Green Stormwater Infrastructure form.

Some examples of sites that could meet project requirements include vacant lots, traffic triangles, community gardens, parks and schools. (Pictured above is a stormwater management project at Greenfield Elementary—watch the Greening Greenfield video.) Get more information, get involved and get started!