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River Wardens: Students Learn How to Protect the Schuylkill

The Schuylkill Action Network has announced its eighth annual student contest for projects related to drinking water protection in the Schuylkill watershed. A recent Newsworks article highlighted some of the details of the contest:

"Since the founding of the [Schuylkill Action Network], it has highlighted students' projects that have a direct impact on the drinking water in the Schuylkill watershed. Projects in the past have included water quality testing of local creeks, classroom discussion of environmental stewardship with journals, student participation in creating a campus rain garden and many more.

The contestants are entered to win the Schuykill Scholastic Drinking Water Award. The award recognizes schools, colleges, and universities that protect drinking water sources through hands-on educational programs, class projects or land management practices."

Students in Berks, Montgomery, Delaware, Camden and Philadelphia
counties are eligible. Submissions are due March 2. Click here for more information on the contest.