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 Stormwater Pioneers Logo

The Stormwater Pioneers program recognizes the best in stormwater management on private property. The selected projects demonstrate innovation, excellence, the ability to overcome technical challenges and a true dedication by the property owners, developers and designers to improving the environment and reducing stormwater runoff.

More and more Philadelphia businesses are using green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff on their properties. Whether required by PWD regulations or encouraged through incentives, private property owners recognize the important role they play in reducing pollution in our streams when it rains. They are also setting a higher bar with excellent, cost-effective designs.


Read the full CHOP Case Study for more information.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care

The Philadelphia Water Department is excited to announce our 3rd Stormwater Pioneer. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care provides out-patient services to children with some of the most acute medical needs. Completed in 2015, the 12-story, $475 million project, was developed with a singular focus on improving the hospital experience for patients and their families. Many features work together to accomplish this goal – including the stormwater management solutions. CHOP’s unique approach to meeting the Water Department’s stormwater management requirements successfully integrates stormwater features into beautifully landscaped outdoor areas for recreation, relaxation and rehabilitation that benefit patients, families and staff.


Popi's Restaurant

The second Stormwater Pioneer, named in November 2015 is Popi's Italian Restaurant.

Gina Rucci, co-owner of Popi’s, received over $90,000 in grant money from Philadelphia Water to install two rain gardens that beautify the neighborhood and protect the environment by keeping polluted runoff out of city sewers. As a result, she will save money on her water bill and Philadelphia will have a cleaner river – it’s a win-win for Popi’s and the City – and something that many small businesses can replicate.

Read the Popi's Restaurant Case Study for more information.

Popi's Rain Garden

Stanley's Hardware

The first Stormwater Pioneer is Stanley’s True Value Hardware, which has operated as a family-run business in Roxborough for 66 years. After decades of working in a cramped store, brothers Mark and Joseph Jaconski decided to build a new store on their current site . The construction required the brothers to meet PWD’s Stormwater Regulations, which they did through a comprehensive design using a beautiful rain garden and two underground infiltration basins which capture runoff and store it for slow release.

Read the Stanley's Hardware Case Study for more information about the site.

Stormwater Resources and Information

The Philadelphia Water Department manages stormwater by building and maintaining public stormwater infrastructure and by regulating private development in the city. here are some key concepts that inform our planning and solutions: