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Stormwater Management Incentives Program

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The City of Philadelphia, through the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), have created the Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP) to offer incentives and assistance to non-residential PWD customers. These programs aim to stimulate investment in and utilization of stormwater best management practices, which reduce a parcel’s contribution of stormwater to the City’s sewer and surrounding waterways.

SMIP Grant

The SMIP Grant will provide financial assistant to non-residential property owners who desire to build green stormwater infrastructure to manage private property runoff. The third round of SMIP Grants opens on November 1, 2013 and closes January 31st.

View the press release announcing 2013 grant recipients: SMIP Awards Announcement.

View the press release announcing first round grant recipients: SMIP Awards Announcement.

For more information: SMIP Grant Factsheet FY14 and SMIP Grant Manual FY14 Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, please go to

For questions about the SMIP grant, please contact Erin Williams at