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Organize an Event in Your Community

Keep It Clean! Help us protect our city's waterways from pollution by placing storm drain markers

Storm drain marking is an ideal volunteer project for any civic organization, school or church group. Philadelphia Water will provide everything you'll need to educate your friends and neighbors about stormwater and it's impact on our watersheds. 

Click Here to complete a short webform to sign-up. A representative from the Water Department or the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary will contact you to confirm the area you'd like to work in and schedule a time for you to pick-up your supplies. 

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a delay in responding to requests for storm drain markers.

*For larger events, i.e. with groups of 30 or more people, please allow for two weeks to process your order. 

In each supply kit, Philadelphia Water will provide:

  • Storm Drain Markers (15 per kit)
  • Glue Adhesive (1 tube per 15 markers)
  • Safety Vest (1 per kit)
  • Information Cards (50 per kit)
  • Permission Letter from Philadelphia Water 
  • Map of work area