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Green Infrastructure Tour Request

Please note: While on the archived site, this form is active and monitored for responses.

Are you a class, organization or company interested in learning more about Philadelphia’s growing network of green infrastructure tools? We provide opportunities to visit these sites through guided tours.

Please note that for groups of less than 10, we will provide site information and maps for a self-guided tour.

We also have several virtual tours and apps that let you explore green infrastructure investments and tools:

Please fill out the form below to provide information that will help us accommodate your tour request.


Please note: PWD does not provide transportation for green infrastructure tours.


Please read the following prior to filling out the tour request form.

  • Tours of less than 10 participants will be provided site information and maps for a self guided tour.
  • A list of tour attendees will be requested two weeks prior to the scheduled tour date.
  • Tour requests must be submitted one month prior to anticipated tour date.
  • Submission of a tour request form does not guarantee a tour will be provided. We try our best to accommodate all tour requests.
  • PWD reserves the right to cancel tours that do not meet the given criteria.

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