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Our Heroes: Awards For Cobbs Creek Protectors

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PWD Commissioner Howard Neukrug with Watershed Hero Award recipients

Yesterday, the 10 Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center interns who discovered and investigated a fish kill in Cobbs Creek (see our previous postwere presented with Watershed Hero Awards by the Philadelphia Water Department. PWD Commissioner Howard Neukrug thanked the students for their environmental stewardship and Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony H. Williams was also present to acknowedge their hard work. 

The 10 students spent the summer working along Cobbs Creek conducting water quality tests and learning about the stream ecosystem as part of the Philadelphia Youth Network's internship program. The high school students' interests vary widely, from Kamal Gatewood (who particularly likes robotics) to Josephine Horne (who plans to major in psychiatry in college), but all shared an enthusiasm for the creek and readily identified any trees in view, including the Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) pictured in the background. 

Check out the Watershed Hero Award certificate (made by PWD's Katie Shafer) after the jump.