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Please Keep the Fire Hydrant CAPS On

Warning: This is not your  typical blog post. This  is a warning and a public announcement. 

We know it’s hot and kids love playing with water to cool off, but please make sure to leave the fire hydrants alone. Though it sounds exciting to have a sprinkler that gushes water , open hydrants can cause much damage. In fact, in 2008, taxpayers had to pay $1 million for the damage caused by residents who opened the caps. Not only that, the amount of water that bursts can be dangerous to any child that is near the hydrant. Fire hydrants are used for the sole purpose of fire hazards. Please avoid uncapping them. 

Remember, there are other safe alternatives to staying cool. Go for a swim at the nearest recreation center, eat a popsicle and drink water. It’s cheaper, safer, and the smarter thing to do.