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Time to Vote for Your Favorite Spokesdog

Scoop the Poop! Watch our video above about the importance of cleaning up after your dog!

We received over two dozen nominations for the next Philadelphia Water Spokesdog. And while we personally think all these cute pooches would be great ambassadors in the campaign to spread awareness about the impact of pet waste on our waterways, it's up to you to vote in the champ.

With the average dog producing about 200 pounds of waste every year, the negative impacts that come from improper disposal can add up quickly—especially in dog-crazy neighborhoods.

Getting more people to obey laws requiring dog owners to pick up after their pet and place the poo-llution in a trash can means less untreated waste getting washed into our sewers and rivers during rains.

You can read all about the Spokesdog contest by clicking here, and be sure to vote for your favorite pup by clicking here.

Voting ends August 31, and the winner will show up in our pet waste educational materials and at community events to spread the word.