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Philly Student Artists Awarded in Green City, Clean Waters Contest

Winners from the K-2nd grade category celebrate along the Schuylkill with judge Tiffany Ledesma. Photo: Brian Rademaekers
Winners from the K-2nd grade category celebrate along the Schuylkill with judge Tiffany Ledesma. Photo: Brian Rademaekers 

Dozens of budding artists from schools all over the city came out to the Fairmount Water Works to claim their prizes after taking top spots in our Green City, Clean Waters 2015 Art Contest, hosted by Philadelphia Water and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE).

Looking at the truly impressive quality of their work, it’s clear that Philadelphia Water is also a big winner this year. Thanks to the more than 1,300 students who took time to create posters and videos reflecting our “Only Rain Down the Storm Drain” theme, we now have tons of incredible art to help spread the word about protecting our watersheds.

“It was really tough for us to pick winners this year because there were just so many amazing submissions to pick from,”  Tiffany Ledesma, a judge for K-2nd grade entries and member of the Green City, Clean Waters public engagement team, told students and families at the April 28 ceremony.  

Winning students and their teachers from Germantown Friends School, Maritime Academy Charter School, C.C.A Baldi Middle School, St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls, Archbishop Ryan High School, Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology (PCAT) at Foundations, Inc. and Aspira, Inc. of Pennsylvania took home gift cards, a variety of art supplies for their schools, framed certificates, and a contest calendar featuring their artwork.

In addition to the calendar, the winning artwork was used to create street art and SEPTA advertisements that will be seen around the city in the coming months and help spread the word about keeping litter and pollutants off of our streets and out of our waterways. Winning videos were posted to Philadelphia Water’s Vimeo page  and shared on social media sites for Green City, Clean Waters and PDE.

Stop by the Water Works center next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a free copy of the calendar and check out the videos on the sites above. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to all the students who submitted work and helped get the Green City, Clean Waters message out! 

Click here to check out more photos from the awards ceremony.  

Water Blues, Green Solutions Airing on WHYY

Tune into WHYY at 1:30pm this Sunday to catch the Water Blues, Green Solutions film by PennState! This film takes you through a journey across Philadelphia, Portland, San Antonio, and the Bronx to explore what different cities and communities are doing to protect, restore, and preserve our rivers and sources of drinking water. Get an in depth look at how cities are utilizing a green infrastructure approach to tackle their water blues.

To find more information about the film, visit the Water Blues, Green Solutions webpage.

Special Screening of GreenTrek’s Green City, Clean Waters Film

Whatever the weather may bring, GreenTreks will officially kick-off Spring on Thursday, March 20th with a special viewing of their 30 minute film, Green City, Clean Waters. PWD worked with GreenTreks to develop a movie that tells the story of our efforts to clean up waterways by transforming the cityscape. The movie explains the pollution challenges we face and the reasons for our green infrastructure solution. Following the screening, experts will share their experiences in getting students, local residents and businesses involved in improving our waterways and making Philly a healthier place.

The event is free, but to make sure you don’t miss out, reserve your seats!

Greening Philadelphia: Short Films Screenings at Temple University

GreenTreks is sharing stories that change the world! GreenTreks, a Philadelphia based non-profit communications firm, created some recent shorts focusing on the exciting neighborhood greening programs that are changing the face of the City and improving the quality of our waterways. To usher in an early spring, they will be showing their clips today on February, 26 at Temple University (On the 3rd Floor of Gladfelter Hall, 11th and Berks Streets, at 4pm)

There will be additional showings of GreenTreks clips as part of their Greening Philadelphia series as the months go on. Be sure to follow their social media channels so you don’t miss out.

You can also catch some of their short clips and films on their Vimeo channel.

Water Blues, Green Solutions Launches Website

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Photo Credits: Water Blues, Green Solutions, PennState

Penn State Public Media recently launched an interactive website to accompany the documentary, Water Blues, Green Solutions, which features Philadelphia prominently. The website focuses on the four different cities included in  the documentary - Philadelphia, Portland, San Antonio, and the Bronx –and takes you through each city’s strategy to tackle chronic threats to the nation’s potable water sources. In addition to clips from the film, visitors can also find screening times, an online toolkit designed to help organize and promote screenings, as well as stories produced by public radio stations across the country. Scroll through the site to learn more about Green City, Clean Waters, Rain Check and other Philadelphia programs.

Take a journey through four US cities as they find green solutions for our water blues!

Tis the Season…

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Frozen pipes can be a very common problem during the winter months. As Philadelphia braces for frigid weather, customers can take a few simple steps to avoid this frosty problem. Remember, that it’s important to keep the area where your pipes are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In extremely cold weather conditions, customers should insulate pipes in unheated areas. Insulating or caulking windows near your plumbing can also prevent freezing. Lastly, letting water trickle overnight allows water to continuously flow through your pipes, preventing them from freezing.

Watch our video on how to keep out the cold!

Julian Abele Park Grand Reopening

Julian Abele Park: Ribbon Cutting and Grand Reopening from Philadelphia Water Department on Vimeo.

Love your Park week came to a close on Saturday, May 18th with events and festivities around the City. One of these events was the grand reopening of Julian Abele Park in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. Check out this short video of Shelly Jones, a PWD engineer, speaking about PWD stormwater improvements at the event last weekend. Also, check out Naked Philly’s pre-game coverage for some great photos.

The park has undergone a number of improvements including innovative stormwater management work led by PWD as part of Green City, Clean Waters. The stormwater projects include tree trenches in the sidewalks adjacent to the park with paver accents to match the park's interior design. The tree trenches are designed to manage approximately the first 1.3 inches of rain during a storm. This means that runoff from more than half an acre is managed on site, reducing pollutants that end up in our rivers and streams by keeping stormwater out of the sewer.

City agencies and community advocates worked together to complete the various park improvements including the Department of Public Property (DPP), Parks and Recreation (PP&R), the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), and the Friends of Julian Abele Park. Work was funded through neighborhood fund-raising and a grant from The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). 

New Video: "Let's Keep Our Water Flowing"

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The Water Department is pleased to premiere a short video about how to maintain your water service! April marked the end of the winter moratorium, a time where the Water Department is not permitted to end service to those who do not pay their bills. However, come spring, the charges can pile up and you don’t want to end up with an unmanageable water bill! Watch this video to see how you can keep your water flowing.

Get Off Your Lawn

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Delaware Riverkeeper Maya Van Rossum has One Great Idea for Philadelphia: Plant native shrubs and trees where possible on your lawn to absorb and filter stormwater runoff that can erode and damage creeks and streams. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

New Video: Philadelphia's First Porous Street

Pass by the 800 block of tiny Percy Street near the Italian Market in South Philadelphia and you may not even notice that you're in the presence of Philadelphia's first street to be retrofitted with porous paving. Check out the new video from GreenTreks to learn about the design, construction and functionality of Percy Street's porous paving. It's just one of the many green infrastructure tools that PWD is using to soak up stormwater before it can enter our sewer system and cause overflows into our rivers and streams.

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