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Glossary beginning with R

terms for which definitions are available


River Conservation Plan; part of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’s Rivers Conservation Planning Program

receiving waters

All distinct bodies of water that receive runoff or wastewater discharges, such as streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and estuaries.


the replenishment of groundwater through the infiltration of rainfall, other surface waters, or land application of water or treated wastewater


any development that requires demolition or removal of existing structures or impervious surfaces at a site and replacement with new impervious surfaces


in sewer infrastructure, a physical gate, valve, or other control structure that routes flow between two or more receiving pipes, usually one of which terminates in a combined sewer outfall


a reach of stream that is characterized by shallow, fast moving water broken by the presence of rocks and boulders


a vegetated area related to, within, or near a river or its that protects it from pollution and erosion

riparian corridor

the area of land along the bank or shoreline of a body of water (US Environmental Protection Agency's website)

roof drain

a drainage conduit or pipe that collects water runoff from a roof and leads it away from the structure


Real Time Control; a dynamic system of hydraulic controls to provide additional storage and reduce overflows from a combined sewer system


a reach of stream that is characterized by smooth flowing water


generally, precipitation that is not absorbed by surfaces or evaporated, but allowed to flow over the surface to a receiving body of water