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Glossary beginning with S

terms for which definitions are available


particles, especially inorganic soil particles, that settle upon stream surfaces

sheet flow

a flow process associated with broad, shallow water movement on sloping ground surfaces that is not channelized or concentrated


inorganic sediment particles between 3.9 and 62.5 μm in diameter; 'siltation' is the process of being covered by or embedded in silt


a measure of the degree to which a stream, viewed from above, deviates from a linear path, expressed as the ratio of stream length between two points divided by the valley length, or point-to-point distance between the same two points


the level of biological taxonomic classification at which living things are separated from one another by the ability to reproduce yielding fertile offspring


Sanitary Sewer Overflow


a surface upon which living things grow; commonly, the bottom of a stream or river


Storm Water Management Model