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Nine Minimum Controls

As a city utility department, our CSO Long Term Control Plan Update is required to meet the regulations set forth by the National CSO Control Policy which consist of the following nine elements:

  1. Review of Operation & Maintenance Programs
  2. Maximum Use of the Collection System for Storage
  3. Review and Modification of Pretreatment Programs
  4. Maximize Flow to the Water Pollution Control Plants
  5. Prohibiting CSO Discharges during Dry Weather
  6. Control of the Discharge of Solids and Floatables in CSOs
  7. Pollution Prevention Programs
  8. Public Notification
  9. Monitoring to Characterize CSO Impacts and the Efficacy of CSO Controls

The implementation strategy for the Nine Minimum Controls was updated with the submission on the Updated Nine Minimum Controls Report  to the PADEP and US EPA on June 2013 as part of its implementation of the LTCPU and its supplements. This report is an update to the 1995 Implementation of Nine Minimum Controls document  and indicates how the City's activities are being carried out currently, and highlight how these activities may have changed as a result of new technology, new practice, or other circumstances to address the CSO Nine Minimum Controls. For additional information on other activities conducted for the CSO LTCPU, click here.