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Community Partnerships

We're continuously creating involvement opportunities to connect residents, businesses and government as neighbors and stewards of Philadelphia’s watersheds.


Knowledgeable Communities

A knowledgeable community is a powerful community, capable of making constructive changes on a local scale. By educating citizens about the urban watershed and helping them to understand how human activity affects our rivers and streams, the public can assist us in the goal of achieving and maintaining healthier watersheds. Stakeholders and partners within each watershed are positioned to provide people with the tools and resources to raise environmental awareness. As ecological understanding builds, community members can help further the long-term benefits of local initiatives in an urban watershed setting.

Involved Communities

Active participation is critical to making a difference in watershed health and water quality. The public's input, support, and contributions are what help local initiatives flourish, as neighbors assume a role in creating a better future for their community. Consistency of stakeholder involvement and commitment are essential for establishing community stewardship to ultimately improve water quality.

Cohesive Communities

Uniting as a community to accomplish common goals speaks volumes. When stakeholders collaborate in raising quality of life standards, a sense of community ownership and identity resonates throughout an area's residents, businesses, and organizations. Building camaraderie and neighborhood pride also results in less vandalism and trash, which in turn helps keep our waterways clean.


Hosting public presentations and workshops, organizing clean-ups, gathering public input, providing educational materials and exhibiting at education facilities are all ways through which we establish community stewardship.


The diversity of our programs allows us to engage public agencies and private entities alike, as well as groups or individuals of various ages and abilities. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in programs involving watershed partnerships, stormwater management, drinking water protection, education, neighborhood beautification, or open space/land protection.