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Neighborhood Planning For Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Step 2 of 6: Project Criteria

Project Requirements

  • Projects must focus on the development of green infrastructure for stormwater management purposes.
  • Only projects at schools, parks, recreation centers, parking lots, public spaces (vacant lots, community gardens and parks, traffic triangles and others) and public corridors will be considered.
  • Only projects on land owned by the City of Philadelphia or the Philadelphia School District (with the exception of vacant lots and community gardens) will be considered.
  • Projects outside of the City of Philadelphia will not be considered.

Project Selection Priorities

  • Neighborhood-wide submissions of green infrastructure project sites can only be accepted from an established organization, public agency or consultant that serves the neighborhood and that has undertaken a public planning process incorporating input from residents, community groups and other community stakeholders.

Site Criteria

  • Each green infrastructure site must contain at least one stormwater inlet (either on the street or within the site).
  • PWD prioritizes projects located within the Combined Sewer System.

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