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Neighborhood Planning For Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) encourages community organizations to identify green stormwater infrastructure opportunities in their neighborhood through a public planning process.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) refers to a range of tools such as rain gardens, stormwater tree trenches, stormwater planters and pervious pavement that capture and filter stormwater and allow it to slowly infiltrate into the soil, reducing the amount of runoff and sewer overflows that pollute our waterways.

PWD is accepting community input on potential green stormwater infrastructure projects at schools, recreation centers, parks, parking lots, public spaces and public streets. PWD will also review neighborhood-wide submissions of GSI opportunities.

Please read through the links below to learn how a neighborhood can identify and submit potential GSI project sites to PWD.

Submission of input does not guarantee that a project will be selected for implementation.

Thank you for your interest!

1. Neighborhood-wide Project Identification

2. Project Criteria

3. Project Types

4. Stormwater Site Analysis

5. Gathering Information

6. Neighborhood-wide Submission Form