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Your part can be a simple commitment or a lifestyle transformation.


As a community group that wants to make a difference in your watershed, rallying participation and environmental stewardship can improve the health of your watershed's stormwater runoff dramatically. Investing the time to improve stormwater management in your community not only helps protect our invaluable drinking water sources, but will also help green the city, restore our waterways and improve quality of life for all citizens. The health of a stream depends on the quality of the land surrounding it, which in turn relies on the people charged with the care of that land.

Did you know you can nominate a site in your community for green stormwater infrastructure? Learn more about the Community Input Form.

Your watershed needs your help!

Benefits to Your Community

  • Raising your profile
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing home values
  • Neighborhood pride
  • Community building
  • Neighborhood beautification

Wrapped Rain Barrel Program

Qualifying businesses and organizations can receive a free limited edition rain barrel featuring student artwork through our Wrapped Rain Barrel Program.

OOW currently supports many community partnership programs and we are always looking for more participation from other community groups.