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Water Blues, Green Solutions Launches Website

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Photo Credits: Water Blues, Green Solutions, PennState

Penn State Public Media recently launched an interactive website to accompany the documentary, Water Blues, Green Solutions, which features Philadelphia prominently. The website focuses on the four different cities included in  the documentary - Philadelphia, Portland, San Antonio, and the Bronx –and takes you through each city’s strategy to tackle chronic threats to the nation’s potable water sources. In addition to clips from the film, visitors can also find screening times, an online toolkit designed to help organize and promote screenings, as well as stories produced by public radio stations across the country. Scroll through the site to learn more about Green City, Clean Waters, Rain Check and other Philadelphia programs.

Take a journey through four US cities as they find green solutions for our water blues!

EPA Awards Four Colleges with Substantial Grants to study Green Infrastructure

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Photo Credits: EPA

Hooray! Tuesday, the 21st, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a substantial grant of $4 million to four colleges in the Philadelphia area to study Green City, Clean Waters. Temple University, Swathmore College, Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania each received $1 million. Plus, the University of New Hampshire received $993,000 to assess various green infrastructure projects and aspects of the plan, quantify performance and to conduct surveys in a 40,000 acre combined sewage area.

The colleges plan to use the grant money towards diverse areas of research. For example, Temple plans to analyze many green projects on its Philadelphia campus and will investigate socio-economic issues, including the impact of real estate values as a result of green infrastructure. Villanova will evaluate the performance of completed green infrastructure projects in order to develop and design next-generation versions. Penn researchers will look into how to motivate residents and businesses to invest in green infrastructure projects. Investments in these projects will go a long way to developing innovation solutions to stormwater management, wet weather pollution, and building more resilient, safer water systems for all.

Attend the 2014 Watersheds Congress!

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Photo Credits: Delaware Riverkeeper Network

The 2014 Watersheds Congress along the Schuylkill River will be held on March 15th at the West Campus of Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The Watershed Congress has evolved over the past 15 years to advance the best available information and techniques for protecting and restoring watersheds. The conference brings together science, policy, and practical applications into one program, making it a great opportunity for people interested in understanding, protecting and restoring their local streams.

To buy tickets for the event click here.

To find more information click here.

Uncover the Green Design Competition Officially Kicks Off!

Students, it's your turn to leave your mark on Philadelphia! Help the Water Department raise awareness about the new tools in our neighborhoods and inspire residents to uncover the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure.

The Philadelphia Water Department is hosting a design competition, Uncover the Green, for undergraduate and graduate students. The goal of the competition is to create an eye-catching medallion that helps mark Philadelphia’s new green stormwater tools, which soak up rainwater as it runs off of streets and sidewalks throughout the City. Furthermore, Uncover the Green also focuses on Philadelphia’s traditional water infrastructure (such as sewers); the vast network of pipes underground is critical in ensuring the success of the above ground green stormwater tools. So while we’re uncovering designs for the green tools above ground, we are challenging competition participants to delve deeper by producing a second design for new manhole covers too!

The winning designs for a green tool medallion and accompanying manhole cover will be placed on sidewalks and streets throughout the City for decades!

Uncover the Green is open exclusively to graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at Philadelphia based colleges & universities.

All entries must be submitted by March 28, 2014 by 5:00pm!

Find more information on the Uncover the Green: Medallions and Manholes competition.

Milling Around Tours at Fairmount Water Works

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Photo Credits: Bradley Maule

The Fairmount Water Works is opening up their historic Kelly Pool area for tours! Come join the Water Department on a hard hat tour that takes you below the streets to the Kelly Pool area. Eye-level with the Schuylkill, you’ll walk the same underground paths as a royal family and Olympic swimmers during a behind-the-scenes look at Philadelphia’s first tourist destination and hear about the future expansion of the landmark that pioneered engineering, tourism, and environmental awareness in Philadelphia.

Visitors will also experience the Water Works’ new music and light installation provided by the Blair Brothers and Luce Group. This is where “Tributaries” was recently performed to a sold-out crowd.

The “Milling Around” tours will be provided every Sunday at 2:00pm. Although the tour is free, reservations are required due to high demand. Please note that this is a hard-hat tour, and may not be accessible for all of our visitors.

Don’t miss out on this exciting walk through Philadelphia’s history, reserve your tickets now!

All the Places We’ve Been!

Did you receive our exciting December newsletter? If not, here is a version for download. For those of you who missed it, we highlighted some of our exciting events, including our newest Spokesdog winners, Sophie and Josie, and PWD’s involvement in Greenbuild – one of the biggest, greenest conventions to have ever hit Philadelphia.

Our newsletter also details some of our upcoming events in 2014, like our Medallion Design Competition, and the next Green City, Clean Waters information session.

To sign up for future newsletters click here and be sure to check off “Green City Clean Waters.”

Help the Water Department Uncover the Green!

Calling all college students for our upcoming design competition! We need creative minds to help us capture Philadelphia’s vision for cleaner waterways and greener neighborhoods! Our new Uncover the Green competition focuses on both new and existing infrastructure. The goal of the competition is to create an eye-catching medallion marker that helps brand Philadelphia’s new green stormwater tools, which soak up rainwater as it runs off of sidewalks and streets throughout the City. But that’s not all! We are challenging our competition participants to delve deeper by producing a second design for new manhole covers! The winning designs for a green tool medallion and accompanying manhole cover will be placed on sidewalks and streets throughout the City for decades! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to leave your mark on Philadelphia!

Participation in the competition is free and open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Philadelphia based colleges and universities.

Stayed tuned! More information will follow with our official competition launch in January!

Family Holiday Pop-Up Activities

Trying to find something exciting for the family during the holidays? Look no further! The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center will have family holiday pop-up activities starting this weekend!

Participants will explore the different properties of water, including the states of matter, and participate in an activity to make their own snow globes to take home.

The Holiday Pop-Up Activities will take place on December 21, 24, 26, and 27 from 10am to noon and from 2pm-4pm.

Times are subject to change. Please call 215-685-0723 to confirm the timing.

Construction of the Valley Green Parking Lot is Almost Complete!

Photo Credits: Friends of Wissahickon

After months of construction, the Valley Green stormwater mitigation and sediment reduction project is nearing completion! This restoration project will improve water quality in Wissahickon Creek by helping to meet the EPA’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements for sedimentation, improving parking conditions, and restoring native vegetation to the area.

Upon completion, the project will stabilize 350 feet of stream adjacent to the Valley Green Inn parking area through the installation of rock steps designed to disperse high energy flows of stormwater.

This project was made possible by collaboration between the Friends of the Wissahickon, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department.

The Water Works presents... TRIBUTARIES: A Modern Cantata

Photo Credits: Tirzah Blair

The Fairmount Water Works is having an enchanting musical performance by the TRIBUTARIES at the Water Works’ historical New Mill House this Saturday, December 14th at 4pm!

Captured in the tradition of American tonal concert music, “TRIBUTARIES: A Modern Cantata”, explores man’s biological and technological dependence on water, as well as the many life enabling and yet threatening powers of water. From the perspective of three of Eastern Pennsylvania’s many tributaries, each of which converge into the Schuylkill River, the audience is immersed in water and the life and times of nearby inhabitants, through a unique and site-specific musical performance.

The act features solo and ensemble performances from some of Philadelphia’s brightest vocal talent and an octet of diverse musicians. Craig Hendrix, composer, conductor and founder of The Agave Opera Company collaborates with film composers Brooke and Will Blair and Habithèque Inc. to bring the TRIBUTARIES to life!

Click here
for more information!

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