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Cobbs Creek Parkway Green Infrastructure Project

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Philadelphia Water selected Cobbs Creek Park, stretching from north of Market Street south to Baltimore Avenue, to install green stormwater infrastructure. Working with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Philadelphia Water will install over 18 green infrastructure projects, ranging from rain gardens to stormwater tree trenches. Not only will these green tools help improve the water quality in Cobbs Creek, they will also bring sidewalk improvements and gateways to the park.

This project is part of our Green City, Clean waters program, a 25-year plan to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure. Click here to download our Green City, Clean Waters overview handout

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As this project progresses, there may be future community meetings or nature walks. Check this page for updates. 

Project Details

Timeline - Construction is scheduled to occur in early 2016 (the exact date will be determined as we get closer to construction). Construction will happen in phases moving along the 1.2 mile span, so portions of the park or access points will be closed temporarily. There may also be sidewalk and traffic disturbances. PWD is working closely with the local community leaders to notify residents about construction and will work with contractors to minimize impacts. All construction will take place across the street from residences and businesses on the park side of Cobbs Creek Parkway. 

Disruptions could include:

  • Temporary closures of parts of the bike path and temporary closures of parts of the park where the GSI systems are to be installed
  • Potentially seeing the turn lane from Cobbs Creek Parkway to Marshall Lane closed during construction of a rain garden in the traffic triangle.
  • Temporary reduction of parking spaces at the Laura Sims Skate House parking lot during contruction of a rain garden. 
  • The loss of roughly 4-8 parking spaces along Cobbs Creek Parkway (on the west side of the street) due to the installation of stormwater bumpouts.
  • Temporary loss of parking along Cobbs Creek Parkway (on the west side of the street) during the construction of GSI systems. 

Concepts - Click this link to view and download a .pdf version of the map below.

Cobbs Creek Green Infrastructure Map