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Key Documents/Maps

Base Map

Darby Cobbs Watershed (.png | .pdf)

River Conservation Plan

A River Conservation Plan was completed by the Darby Creek Valley Association for the entire watershed drainage area in 2005 as a way to broadly document the watershed's existing conditions.

Download Entire Plan (29.7MB)

Comprehensive Characterization Report

Completed in 2004, The Comprehensive Characterization Report (CCR) for Darby-Cobbs Watershed contains detailed technical information about land use, geology, soils, topography, demographics, meteorology, hydrology, water quality, ecology, fluvial geomorphology, and pollutant loads in the watershed.

Download Entire Report (8MB)

Integrated Watershed Management Plan

An Integrated Watershed Management Plan was completed for the Cobbs portion of this watershed area in the summer of 2004 to outline the characteristics and problems within the watershed – utilizing supporting technical data – and define improvement strategies for implementation.

Download Entire Plan (15.9MB)

Act 167 Plan

A Stormwater Management Plan and comprehensive watershed restoration plan was completed for the Darby-Cobbs Watershed in 2004 under the leadership of the Delaware County Planning Department and support of the Philadelphia Water Department. These initiatives were developed through cooperative work and are currently under implementation.

Download Entire Plan (20MB)

Trail Master Plan for Cobbs Creek Park

"The role of the Trail Master Plan is to develop an appropriate vision of the park trail system that acknowledges and confronts today's realities by reconciling the most serious problems faced by these landscapes in the future."

Download Entire Plan (12MB)>

Cobbs Creek: A Gateway to Many Places and to Cleaner Water

Cobbs Creek has the potential to be one of the major connective fibers of our region. This vision statement (currently in Draft status) brings together the many proposed improvements for Cobbs Creek by varied stakeholders, supporting the holistic approach Fairmount Park and the Philadelphia Water Department and their partners have long advocated.

Cobbs Creek Vision Document (3.8MB PDF)

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