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Pennypack Partnerships

Pennypack Watershed Partnership

The Pennypack Watershed Partnership is a network of public, private, and nonprofit partners working to create and implement a watershed management plan that addresses water quality and quantity issues. They are taking on stormwater management projects, municipal ordinance revisions, and public education and outreach events.


Paul Racette - Partnership Facilitator | Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Phone: (215) 592-7020 x112
Partnership Working Page

Partner Organizations

Pennypack Environmental Center

The Pennypack Environmental Center offers educational and volunteer opportunities in the way of naturalist exhibits, a reference library, and an amphitheatre for story-telling and outdoor classes. The organization also has an Advisory Council that helps to further the operation and development of the center. Consider getting involved with advocacy, fundraising, service-learning projects, special event planning and more!

Pennypack Environmental Center Website

Friends of Pennypack Park

The Friends of Pennypack Park educates and informs park users about the natural, cultural, and historical features of the park. Volunteers on the Trees and Trails Committee repair trails and plant trees across the park.

Friends of Pennypack Park Website

Project Headwaters

Project Headwaters grew out of concern with stormwater runoff impacts on both natural and restored fish habitats and was formed to concentrate efforts on improving stormwater management practices in the headwaters first. You can help this group remove invasive plants and plant native vegetation along streams and wetlands, among other involvement opportunities.

Project Headwaters Website

Pennypack Greenway Partnership

The Pennypack Greenway Partnership is a coalition of conservation organizations, municipal and county officials, and others. The goal of the partnership is the completion of a protected greenway that links and enhances communities, provides plentiful opportunity for recreation, inspiration and education, and protects an environment where natural systems thrive. Join a monthly meeting of the partnership to find out how you can help with the Greenway.

Pennypack Greenway Brochure

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust is a nonprofit conservancy staffed with professionals and volunteers dedicated to the stewardship of the lands that are protected by the Trust in its Pennypack Preserve natural area. Learn more about the variety of programs and services the Trust offers.

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust Website

Pennypack Farm Education Center

Get your hands in the dirt at the Pennypack Farm Education Center in Horsham. The farm manager can use volunteers for a variety of activities in the field, ranging from planting, weeding, pruning, and harvesting to equipment and structural maintenance activities.

Pennypack Farm Education Center Website

Friends of Fox Chase Farm

The Friends of Fox Chase Farm is a volunteer group that assists the Fairmount Park Commission and the Philadelphia School Board in maintaining and preserving this working, educational farm. The group actively supports the farm by assisting with physical maintenance, fundraising, guided tours, and other public events.

Friends of Fox Chase Farm Website

Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter (#468)

Work with the dedicated fishermen of the Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter (#468). This grassroots group is working to conserve, protect, and restore cold water fisheries. Examples of their efforts in Lorimer Park include the installation of stream bank protection and fish habitat enhancement projects.

Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter (#468) Website