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5 ways PWD aims to be a model 21st Century urban water utility

To start off our series about points from the budget testimony PWD delivered this week, we wanted to share a couple of quick pieces for background—our mission and our short- and long-term goals.

PWD mission:
PWD aims to be America’s model 21st Century urban water utility- one that fully meets the complex responsibilities and opportunities of our time and environment. PWD’s mission is to:

  • Provide the Greater Philadelphia region with integrated water, wastewater and stormwater services
  • Protect public health by always delivering PWD’s customers the highest quality of drinking water at a competitive and affordable cost
  • Protect the environment by managing and treating the region’s wastewater and stormwater, protecting and advocating for rivers and streams and their watersheds, and protecting sources of drinking water
  • Support the sustainable growth of Philadelphia and its residents, communities, businesses and industry as well as the financial well-being of the utility
  • Continue to be America’s most innovative utility with a constant focus on quality, efficiency, customer service and affordability

We just LOVE that we’re getting to support sustainable growth as the city’s population continues to be on the rise! The key, as we say, is making sure that growth is smart and sustainable so it also allows us to protect the environment for the next several generations of Philadelphians.

How do we plan on fulfilling this mission? Check it out:

PWD’s short and long term goals:
PWD recently completed a new Strategic Plan, which was created with the input of PWD’s own staff, other city and government agencies, and external partners. The plan focuses on eight key areas:

  • Improve customer service, outreach and assistance
  • Increase workforce strength and diversity
  • Improve our financial health
  • Invest in capital planning
  • Protect our infrastructure
  • Uphold excellence in core services
  • Ensure sustainable utility operations
  • Support a strong and diverse Philadelphia business community

It’s no accident that improved customer service is at the top of the list. It is a top priority for PWD and a place where we’re always striving to get better. Friday we’ll share some more details about how we plan to do this.