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Germantown's First Green Street

Photo: PWD

What's that? What are they building on Belfield Avenue near Chew Street? Find out tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 14 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., as PWD Commissioner Howard Neukrug and Public Affairs Manager Joanne Dahme visit the Clearview Community Park to discuss two new stormwater management projects in Germantown. Refreshments will be served, followed by a tour of a former vacant lot turned into a native garden and a look at Germantown's first Green City, Clean Waters green street. Click here for more info.

OK, we will not leave you in suspense. Pictured above are storage crates for a stormwater tree trench. For previous projects, tree trenches were underlaid with a stone bed; PWD is using these modular storage crates for the first time on this site due to the crates' superior storage capacity and the limited available space.