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Soak It Up In Style: Enter the Green Infrastructure Design Exhibition

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Traditionally, most stormwater management features, like pipes and basins, lie underground and don’t rely much on design beyond the functional. As the city begins the implementation of aboveground and more visible green stormwater infrastructure, landscape architects, engineers and other designers must manage the interests and concerns of a broad range of people whose neighborhoods will feature new green infrastructure. This is the challenge at the heart of the Infill:Soak it Up Exhibition, a competitive exhibition to display innovative and well designed approaches to green stormwater management. The Philadelphia Water Department, the Community Design Collaborative and the Environmental Protection Agency Region 3 are hosting the exhibition as a warm up to a large scale competition to be announced this fall. The goal of the exhibition is to showcase projects that soak up stormwater while creating engaging, healthy, and visually appealing urban places. Selected entries will be on display at AIA Philadelphia’s Center for Architecture from September 17 through October 19, 2012. Check out the CDC’s call for entries for specifics.