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Summer 2018 Internship Application

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Philadelphia Water Department's Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation Program unit (GSIIP) is looking for student interns for the summer of 2018 (May-September). The GSIIP unit works collaboratively with city agencies, public and private partners, and other stakeholders, to implement green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) projects that help to meet and exceed the stormwater management goals of the Green City, Clean Waters program.

Four positions are available within different groups that are part of the GSIIP unit.

Please refer to Graduate Internship Opportunities for position details.

Application form and supplemental documents are due by March 24, 2018. Questions may be directed to

Select all positions of interest.

For more information about available summer internship positions, see Summer 2017 Internship Opportunities.

Check all of the above programs for which you have proficiency and experience.


Cover letter, resume, and work samples are required. These documents may be attached as PDFs below or sent by mail to:

Alex Warwood
Philadelphia Water Department
1101 Market St, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Submit work samples that represent your abilities. Emphasize academic and/or job experience related to green stormwater infrastructure. Max upload size: 2000 KB.