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Installation: Learn the Basics of Storm Drain Marking

Keep It Clean! Help protect our city's waterways from pollution by placing storm drain markers in your neighborhood.

Consider Placement

Not all storm drains and inlets look alike. Depending on where you live in Philadelphia you may find different types. Below are the three most common types used by Philadelphia Water.

Notice the storm drain marker in each picture. Markers should be placed on the curb facing vertically just above the inlet.

Occasionally, you may come across inlets in the street or built further into the curb. Please avoid placing markers directly onto the street. Where there is limited curb space, please place markers on the sidewalk as close as possible to the inlet structure. Use the pictures below as examples.


Weather and Temperature

Dry weather is important to make sure the markers can properly adhere to the curb. Allow at least one day of dry weather both before and after your volunteer event. Additionally, markers can only be placed when the temperature is above 45°F. Be sure to check the weather forecast on the week leading up to your event, and be prepared to reschedule as necessary.



1. Clean Surface:

Using a wire brush will ensure that the markers you place will last as long as possible. The surface of the curb must be flat, dry and free of ANY loose debris. 


2. Apply Glue:

Starting 1/8 of an inch from the outside edge of the marker, apply a THICK bead of adhesive and then work in to the center. 


3. Stick It:

Apply the marker to the surface of the curb by pushing down HARD, forcing a little adhesive out around the entire edge. Give it a twist to the right or left to secure. Some adhesive should extend beyond the marker border. It is important that the entire edge of the marker be sealed to the curb surface.