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Delaware Partnerships

The Delaware Direct Watershed Partnership brings together a diverse array of partners striving to enhance and revitalize Philadelphia's riverfront communities.

Delaware Direct Watershed Partnership

The Delaware Direct Watershed Partnership was originally formed to support the River Conservation planning process for the Delaware Direct River Conservation Plan. A number of stakeholders are involved — nonprofits, state and local government - in addition to community representatives. Each of the stakeholders represents a current planning initiative, from the various neighborhood planning efforts to large-scale waterfront development plans. Through the Partnership, the representatives come together in a coordinated manner to communicate the best possible method to achieve protection of the natural resources and their sustainability in the urbanized Delaware Direct Watershed. Currently, the Partnership is helping guide the development of PWD’s Integrated Watershed Management Plan.


Paul Racette - Partnership Facilitator | Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Phone: (215) 592-7020 x112
Partnership Working Page

Partner Organizations

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Delaware Estuary. The organization is one of 28 congressionally designated Natural Estuary Programs throughout the coastal United States. PDE partners with other Pennsylvania organizations to increase awareness, understanding, and scientific knowledge about the estuary, while protecting and enhancing the estuary and its tributaries for future generations.

Partnership for Delaware Estuary Website

Pennsylvania Environmental Council

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) protects and restores the natural and built environment through innovation, collaboration, education and advocacy. PEC staff serve as watershed partnership facilitators, which unite the forces of the private sector, government, communities, and individuals for watershed planning and restoration.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council Website

Delaware River City Corporation

The mission of the Delaware River City Corporation (DRCC) is to revitalize a sustainable riverfront corridor in Northeast Philadelphia by reconnecting the people, places, businesses, and neighborhoods of the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding region to the Delaware River while simultaneously promoting a diversity of uses through implementation of the North Delaware Riverfront Greenway Plan.

Delaware River City Corporation Website

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) acts as the steward of the Central Delaware River waterfront by designing, developing and managing the waterfront between Oregon and Allegheny avenues. Currently, DRWC is focused on providing events and activities at Penn’s Landing and leading the Master Planning process for the Central Delaware.

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Website

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is dedicated to uniting the region's elected officials, planning professionals and the public with a common vision of making a great region even greater. Shaping the way we live, work and play, DVRPC builds consensus on improving transportation, promoting smart growth, protecting the environment and enhancing the economy.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Website

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is Philadelphia's 9,200-acre citywide park system and within walking distance of every Philadelphia resident. Fairmount Park provides educational, recreational, and historical resources in Philadelphia with an emphasis on environmental restoration and stewardship. Fairmount Park is an important partner in helping green the Delaware Direct Watershed.

Fairmount Park Website


PennFuture works to create a just future where nature, communities and the economy thrive by advancing effective solutions to our current environment. PennFuture is presently spearheading the Next Great City Initiative and the Coalition for Philadelphia’s Riverfronts.
PennFuture Website

Penn Praxis

PennPraxis was created by the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania to further the mission of the school in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture, community development, public art, and historic preservation by carrying out practical or applied projects for external clients under the direction of Penn Design faculty. PennPraxis developed the process behind the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware, a plan combining citizen values with professional knowledge. This landmark plan and civic engagement process provides the foundation for many of the current planning efforts in the Delaware Direct Watershed.

PennPraxis Website

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

DCNR’s mission is to conserve and sustain Pennsylvania’s natural resources for present and future generations’ enjoyment. DCNR has been involved since the inception of the Delaware Direct Partnership as the primary funder for the Rivers Conservation Plan. Today, DCNR continues to guide water resource planning in this watershed and is charged with maintaining and preserving Benjamin Rush State Park in the Delaware Direct Watershed.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Website

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1827. PHS provides great events, activities and publications for novice gardeners, experienced horticulturists, and flower lovers of all ages. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society motivates people to improve their quality of life and to create a sense of community through horticulture; and has been actively engaging citizens and restoring the Delaware Direct Watershed.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Website

Philadelphia City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is responsible for guiding the orderly growth and development of the City of Philadelphia. The 1951 Home Rule Charter defines the powers and duties of the Commission to include the preparation of: A Comprehensive Plan and its modifications; The Capital Program and Budget; Proposed zoning ordinances and amendments; Regulations concerning the subdivision of land. Currently, the Planning Commission is busy doing all of these in the Delaware Direct since this watershed is likely to see many development changes in the near future.

Philadelphia City Planning Commission Website

United States Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers provides public engineering services to strengthen our nation's security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters. The Corps has jurisdiction in managing navigable waterways such as the Delaware River and is also involved in watershed planning and habitat restoration.

United States Army Corps of Engineers Website

New Kensington Community Development Corporation

New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing the East Kensington, Fishtown, and Port Richmond neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Their mission is to strengthen the physical, social, and economic fabric of the community by being a catalyst for sustainable development and community building. NKCDC is actively involved in sustainable development and waterfront planning.

New Kensington Community Development Corporation Website

Northern Liberties Neighbors Association

Representing approximately 6,000 men, women and children, and more than 100 businesses who call the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia home, NLNA provides services and programs, promotes the preservation and beautification of public spaces, and is involved with planning efforts to monitor the growth and development of this riverfront neighborhood.

Northern Liberties Neighbors Association Website

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association organizes regular sweep-ups, annual spring and fall tree plantings, maintains public parks and community gardens throughout the neighborhood, and organizes regular Town Watch walks. This civic association provides an important local voice in the Delaware Direct Partnership.

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association Website