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GIS Data Request

Philadelphia Water Department GIS Data Request Form

This page is for special GIS data requests relating to PWD's Green City, Clean Waters stormwater management program.

A collection of static maps and KML files is available on the Maps page.

You can find most GIS data layers of planned and existing green stormwater infrastructure on the City's open data portal, . If you are a researcher or student studying our GCCW program, please check that site for your desired data first.

This page cannot be used to request underground infrastructure data (sewer lines, etc.). If you are a verified contractor working with PWD, please fill out your request using the official GIS Data Request Form, indicate the name of your PWD staff sponsor, sign and submit it directly to the GIS manager.

Requests for other non-GIS data relating to GCCW or other PWD units (engineering, operations, etc.) should be made by contacting PWD's information line at or by calling 215-685-6300.

Philadelphia Water Department may, at its sole discretion, make certain other datasets available to outside parties. Requests for specific data may be submitted by way of the officialGIS Data Request Form.

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