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Watershed Plans and Reports

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Green City, Clean Waters Comprehensive Monitoring Plan

A revised Clean Waters Comprehensive Monitoring Plan was submitted to the PADEP and USEPA January 10, 2014. The plan has been revised to incorporate PWD's responses to comments received from PADEP and USEPA. The revised plan is currently under review for approval. It is our initial plan for performing monitoring of natural and engineered systems associated with our Green City, Clean Waters program and addresses the monitoring and assessment of surface waters, groundwater, rainfall, CSO discharges, sewer flows, and green infrastructure performance.

Integrated Watershed Management Plans

Completed IWMPs by Watershed

NOTE: Pennypack, Poquessing, and Wissahickon Integrated Watershed Management Plans are being developed

Comprehensive Characterization Reports

Completed CCRs by Watershed

River Conservation Plans

RCPs Completed and Registered with DCNR

Source Water Assessments and Protection Plans

Delaware Watershed

Schuylkill Watershed

Source Water Protection and Water Supply Planning & Research

Act 167 Plans

Completed Act 167 Stormwater Management Plans by Watershed

The Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act of 1978 (PA Act 167) requires the preparation and adoption of stormwater management plans for each watershed within a Pennsylvania county. The main goal of Act 167 plans is to manage stormwater on a watershed basis through establishing peak rate control and management districts for flood control and a model ordinance for municipalities to adopt to better manage stormwater. The plans also aim to reduce erosion, preserve natural stormwater runoff regimes, protect and conserve ground water.

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