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Macroinvertebrate Data

PWD Macroinvertebrate Assessment Sites

KML file of all PWD (RBP III) benthic macroinvertebrate sites with number of individuals collected by taxa at each site.

Macroinvertebrates Found in Philadelphia Area Rivers and Streams

Family Genus Common Name Feeding1 Tolerance2



Ancyronyx Riffle Beetle O 2
Berosus Water Scavenger SH 5
Curculionidae (family) Weevils/Snout Beetles SH 6
Dineutus Whirligig PR 4
Dubiraphia Riffle Beetle CG 6
Ectopria Water Penny SC 5
Helophorus Water Beetles SH 5
Ilybius Predaceous Diving Beetle PR 5
Macronychus Riffle Beetle O 2
Optioservus Riffle Beetle SC 4
Promoresia Riffle Beetle SC 2
Psephenus Water Penny SC 4
Stenelmis Riffle Beetle SC 5

Corbiculidae (family) Basket Clams FC 4



Agraylea Freeliving Micro Caddisfly SC 8
Brachycentrus Humpless Case Making Caddisfly FC 1
Cheumatopsyche Common Netspinning Caddisfly FC 6
Chimarra Fingernet Spinning Caddisfly FC 4
Diplectrona Common Netspinning Caddisfly FC 0
Dolophilodes Fingernet Spinning Caddisfly CG 0
Glossosoma Saddle Case Building Caddisfly SC 0
Helicopsyche Snail Case Making Caddisfly SH 3
Hydropsyche Common Netspinning Caddisfly FC 5
Hydroptila Freeliving Micro Caddisfly SC 6
Leucotrichia Freeliving Micro Caddisfly SC 6
Micrasema Humpless Case Making Caddisfly SH 2
Neophylax Northern Case Making Caddisfly SC 3
Nyctiophylax Tube Making Caddisfly FC 5
Ochrotrichia Freeliving Micro Caddisfly SC 6
Pseudostenophylax Northern Case Making Caddisfly SH 0
Rhyacophila Freeliving Caddisfly PR 1

Caecidotea Freshwater Isopods CG 6
Cambaridae (family) Freshwater Crayfish CG 6
Gammaridae (family) Amphipods CG 6
Stygobromus Amphipods CG 4

Damselflies & Dragonflies


Amphiagrion Red Damsels PR 5
Argia Dancers PR 6
Boyeria Darners PR 2
Calopteryx Jewelwings PR 6
Cordulegaster Spiketails PR 3
Nehalennia Sprites PR 2
Ophiogomphus Snaketails PR 1
Progomphus Sanddragons PR 5
Stylogomphus Clubtails PR 4

Cura Planarians O 7
Planariidae (family) Planarians O 9

Flies & Midges


Antocha Craneflies CG 3
Atherix Watersnipe Flies PR 2
Ceratopogon Biting Midges PR 6
Ceratopogonidae (family) Biting Midges PR 6
Chauliodes Fishflies PR 4
Chironomus Non-biting Midges CG 10
Clinocera Aquatic Dance Flies PR 6
Corydalus New World Dobsonflies PR 4
Ephydridae (family) Shore Flies CG 6
Hemerodromia Dance Flies CG 6
Muscidae (family) House Flies PR 6
Nemotelus Solider Flies CG 8
Nigronia Dark Fishflies PR 2
Odontomyia Solider Flies CG 7
Prosimulium Black Flies FC 2
Sialis Alderflies PR 6
Simulium Black Flies FC 6
Stegopterna Black Flies FC 6
Tabanidae (family) Horse Flies PR 6
Threticus Moth Flies CG 10
Tipula Crane Flies SH 4



Ameletus Combmouthed Minnow Mayflies CG 0
Attenella Spiny Crawlers CG 2
Baetis Small Minnow Mayflies CG 6
Caenis Small Squaregills CG 7
Callibaetis Small Minnow Mayflies CG 9
Dannela Spiny Crawlers -- 2
Drunella Spiny Crawlers SC 1
Epeorus Flatheaded Mayflies CG 0
Ephemerella Spiny Crawlers CG 1
Eurylophella Spiny Crawlers CG 4
Heptagenia Flatheaded Mayflies SC 4
Isonychia Brushlegged Mayflies FC 3
Serratella Flatheaded Mayflies CG 2
Stenacron Flatheaded Mayflies SC 4
Stenonema -- SC 3

Ancylidae (family) Freshwater Pulmonate Snails SC 7
Lymnaeidae (family) Pond Snails SC 7
Physella Bladder Snails SC 8
Planorbidae (family) Ramshorn Snails SC 6
Pleuroceridae (family) Freshwater Snails SC 7



Acroneuria Common Stoneflies PR 0
Allocapnia Small Winter Stoneflies SH 3
Amphinemura Spring Stoneflies SH 3
Capniidae (family) Small Winter Stoneflies SH 3
Isoperla Perlodid Stoneflies PR 2
Oemopteryx Winter Stoneflies SH 3
Ostrocerca Spring Stoneflies CG 2
Paragnetina Common Stoneflies PR 1
Prostoia Spring Stoneflies SH 2
Strophopteryx Winter Stoneflies SH 3
Taeniopteryx Winter Stoneflies SH 2
Tallaperla Roachlike Stoneflies SH 0

Worms & Leeches
Erpobdella Leeches PA 8
Lumbriculidae (family) Freshwater Oligochaete Worms CG 8
Tubificidae (family) Clitellate Oligochaete Worms CG 10
1.) Feeding Type Key
    CG - collector/gatherer; FC - filterer/collector; O - omnivore; PA - parasite
    PR - predator; SC - scraper; SH - shredder
2.) Tolerance Key
    0-10 scale; 0 - most sensitive; 10 - most tolerant