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Infiltration/Storage Trench

Infiltration/storage trenches are below-ground repositories filled with rocks designed to either infiltrate stormwater or slow its flow into the sewer system. As water enters the trench (usually through an inlet or porous pavement), it fills the voids between the rocks, seeps to the bottom of the trench, and soaks into the soil beneath. Excess water that does not infiltrate the soil can be slowly released into the sewer system at a controlled rate.

Infiltration/Storage Trench at Clark Park

A subsurface infiltration bed beneath a new basketball court at Clark Park manages stormwater runoff from the basketball court, as well as from an adjacent street and parking lot. The system has been designed to capture about 1.5” of rainfall from the contributing drainage area, but with well-drained soil, it is anticipated that actual stormwater capture will be much greater.  



4366 Kingsessing Ave., Philadelphia, PA

University City

Lead Agency

Philadelphia Department of Recreation


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Philadelphia Water Department
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Philadelphia Capital Program Office
Friends of Clark Park