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Porous Paving

What is Porous Paving?

  • Porous paving is a way to redesign the paved surfaces around your property, such as driveways, walkways and patios, to help manage stormwater.
  • Porous paving can mean paving stones, bricks or pavers or a special mix of concrete or asphalt that has pores for water to soak through.
  • Why Install Porous Paving?

  • Paved areas cause water to “sheet” into storm drains, carrying pollution to our sewers and waterways.
  • Porous paving mimics the way that natural land absorbs water and allows water to filter through the soil and recharge groundwater aquifers.
  • Porous pavement performs just as well as conventional asphalt or concrete, and is very similar in cost.
  • Porous pavement can help to prevent slick driveways and walkways as well as flooding.
  • Pavers are an attractive alternative to concrete and asphalt that will provide a unique look for your yard and home.

  • How to Install Pavers

    Pavers are an attractive, durable and environmentally-friendly alternative to asphalt or concrete.

    Follow these Paver Installation Instructions instructions to lay pavers in your own yard.

    Porous Pavement

  • If you would like to replace an impervious paved surface with porous pavement, see Depaving Instructions to first depave the area.
  • Porous concrete and asphalt mixes will require professionals for design and installation. See resources below.

    Porous Pavement Resources
    EPA Factsheet: Porous Asphalt
    EPA Factsheet: Porous Concrete
    Pervious Concrete: An Overview


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