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Dry Well

What is a Dry Well?

  • A dry well is a small, excavated pit filled with stone or gravel that temporarily stores stormwater runoff until it soaks into the surrounding soil.
  • A dry well connects either directly or indirectly to a roof downspout to collect stormwater from rooftops.
  • A dry well provides many of the benefits of a rain garden, but does not involve planting or landscape maintenance.
  • Why Build a Dry Well?

  • If you would like to manage stormwater on your property but do not want to develop a rain garden, a dry well is a low-maintenance alternative.
  • A dry well is a quick and simple way to manage the stormwater from
    your rooftop and allow it to infiltrate directly into the soil,
    recharging the groundwater aquifer.
  • Dry wells protect water quality by reducing stormwater runoff and combined sewer overflows into our local streams and rivers.

    How to Build a Dry Well

  • A dry well is most appropriate for a home with a substantial yard and a large lot. The dry well must be at least 10 feet from your house and any other buildings that are level with yours. It should be at least 25 feet from buildings that are downhill from the dry well.
  • Consult the Dry Well Sizing Chart to ensure that you have enough space to build an appropriate dry well.
  • Conduct an Infiltration Test to determine if your soil conditions are suitable for a dry well.
  • Follow these Dry Well Instructions.
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