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Downspout Planters

What is a Downspout Planter?

  • A downspout planter is a decorative garden planter filled with gravel, soil and vegetation that utilizes rainfall from the roof as irrigation.
  • Downspout planters, also called flow-through planters, are connected to the roof downspout to let water flow in and are designed to slow water down from entering the sewer system and allow excess water to flow back into the sewer.
  • Downspout planters can be constructed in many sizes and shapes, and with various materials, including concrete, brick, plastic, lumber or wood.

  • Photo: GreenTreks


    Why Build a Downspout Planter?

  • A downspout planter is an attractive addition to a yard or patio and comes with its own rain-driven irrigation system.
  • The planter provides both stormwater retention and a reduction of stormwater flow during rain events.
  • Downspout planters filter sediment and pollutants as water infiltrates through the planter.
  • How to Build a Downspout Planter

    Downspout Planter Instructions Follow these instructions to build your own self-watering planter.

    Consult the following plans for detailed information:
    Conceptual Downspout Planter Plan
    Downspout Planter Install Steps


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